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VIP Experience

From the moment you walk through our doors, you can expect a welcoming and inclusive environment filled with genuine compassion and empathy. We know life can be a challenge, but here you can relax and rest easy. We seek to understand you, we never judge, and we’re always supportive. It’s a personalized, tailored, concierge-level therapeutic experience designed specifically for you and your specific needs.

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Health Psychology

As a health psychologist, Dr. Teeters uses evidence-based and empirically supported treatments engineered to integrate biological, psychological, and social factors while considering how they contribute to overall health. He applies psychological methods focused on unhelpful thoughts and behaviors around health, healthcare, and wellness – specifically treating chronic health conditions.And, Dr. Teeters is currently the only private-practice, adults-focused GastroPsychologist in the National Capital area.

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A Tree for Every Session

Dr. Teeters is passionate about the environment, served for nearly a decade with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy. He’s committed to doing everything he can to protect and support the environment. For many, eco-grief causes daily ongoing distress. We are a carbon-neutral office and partner with OneTreePlanted.org and CarbonFund.org to ensure our work together does not further exacerbate climate change. Dr. Teeters plants a tree for every patient session, is a member of the Society of Behavioral Medicine's Presidential Working Group on Human Behavior and Climate Change Mitigation, and conducts research on this area of interest.

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